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Hall of Fame Inductee - Pre 2001 (1998)

It is likely that every motorcyclist who has read a motorcycle magazine in the second half of the twentieth century is familiar with Cliff Boswell. There is no doubt that Cliff had an important and powerful influence on the sport and its participants. Cliff combined his love of motorcycling and the outdoors with his ability as a teacher, his major profession. As a consequence, his articles on cycling and camping, which appeared in most of the major motorcycle publications, were inspiring to others. He was a philosopher and a leader, and the father of American motorcycling journalism.

Through his articles and books this quiet man was able to educate others in traveling and camping by motorcycle. This resulted in his founding - and for many years leading - the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers, an organization which was, and remains, unique in this sport.  Although he made no headlines or won any races, the impact of his words touched hundreds of thousands of his readers. His passion for motorcycling came through on the printed page and he was always happy to share his knowledge with others.

Cliff Boswell, the old master of motorcycle camping, passed away on May 20, 1993. There are probably those that have camped more and gone farther, but few who shared the experience like he did, causing so many others to go out try it for themselves.

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