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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2003

Gary Bang is credited with creating the first motorcycle aftermarket catalogue but his love of motorcycling began in 1948 when his dad bought him a Cushman motor scooter.  By 1954 he was working parts at Kolbe Cycle in Reseda, California and in ‘65 he began traveling as a road rep for MC Supply.  He traveled for a few years learning everything there was to know about the industry. 

Gary discovered that California was way behind the Midwest in the custom business.  Many of the bikes on the floors of those Midwest shops were customized, so in 1967 he found a 1,200 square foot building in Canoga Park, Ca. where his first retail shop was opened.  He sold parts for Triumphs and other popular motorcycle brands, specializing in spokes and custom wheel building.  

In the early 1970’s Gary noticed that the majority of young Harley riders were into chopping and customizing their motorcycles.  There was nowhere for these guys to find the product so Gary decided to give them what they wanted.  He took out an ad in Big Bike magazine letting everyone know that they could order a Gary Bang Parts catalogue for $1.00.  The people finally had a company that had what she or he needed.  And if Gary didn’t have it, he knew where to find it, or have it made. 

In 1982 Gary opened a Harley-Davidson retail store in Atascadero, California where he works with his wife Mary, daughters Kristy and Lisa, and his granddaughter April.

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