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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2003

Max Bubeck made his mark competing in enduro races from 1937 to 1979. His mode of transport was always an Indian, remarkably hitting 135.58 mph doing speed trials on his Chief, the all-time fastest unstreamlined Indian. Max finished 24 of the 32 Greenhorn enduro races he competed in. He won twice, had four seconds and a total of 18 finishes in the top ten. Max, in his 50's, was ranked the number one trail bike rider in California’s District 17 enduros from 1969 to 1972.

Max was 15 when he purchased his first motorcycle, a 1930 101 Scout. Years later on his ‘35 Indian Four, Max ran up against two Harleys and Ed Kretz on his #38 Sport Scout during a road race. While Kretz claimed the day, Max had edged into his draft about three feet behind him for much of the race, and managed to stay there at over one hundred miles an hour. When they got back to the timer Max found out he had hit 112.50 mph.

Max had fond memories of his racing days, traveling the country with racing greats like Kretz and Jimmy Kelly. "We usually piled into the car late on a Saturday, and sometimes drove long, hard and late into the night to make a Sunday race meet", reminisced Bubeck. "Many were the pranks and jokes. The world was our playground and we would never grow old." Ever the prankster, Max took his riding seriously. He rode well over 600,000 miles in his lifetime, at least 50,000 of those miles on enduro courses spanning four decades and over 300 events.  

Max died on April 8, 2011 at the age of 94.

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