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Hall of Fame Inductee – 2012


Dave Barr certainly didn’t start out planning to be a long-distance motorcycle rider, author, or motivational speaker, but he is all of those things.  Dave was a professional soldier – starting as a U.S. Marine when he was 17 and earning numerous medals while serving on a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. He continued his career as a soldier, first in Israel, later in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia and finally in South Africa.  It was 1981 when a landmine explosion in Angola resulted in life-threatening injuries that ultimately resulted in the loss of both of his legs.  Even after spending nine and a half months in the hospital, he returned to operational duty in Angola.

When Dave returned to the United States, he rediscovered his old Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and refit it to accommodate his prosthetic legs.  His first ride after that inspired Dave, and would ultimately lead to his decision to travel around the world on a motorcycle to encourage others with disabilities to face their obstacles and live their dreams.

Dave has authored two books – “Riding the Edge” which recounts his ride around the world, and “Riding the Ice” which tells of his 13,000 mile journey on a Sportster 883 with a sidecar – much of which took place above the arctic circle in the winter.

Dave Barr continues to inspire others – not only by how he lives his life, but also through professional speaking engagements and continued work in numerous charity causes.



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