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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2009


Long before most women were considering riding their own, Cookie Crum was doing just that – and on the “Wall of Death” no less.  Cookie was just 18 years old in 1949 when she was hired by a Motor Drome and became “Miss Cookie: Queen of the Daredevils.”  Cookie spent 8 years riding the wall – during those years, she got married, had a baby girl, divorced and remarried. 

In 1959, Cookie and her husband purchased a Harley-Davidson dealership in Medford, Oregon.  She and her husband split up and closed the dealership in the mid-1960s, but that did not end her life-long love of everything two-wheeled.

It was two wheels that brought Cookie and her third husband Bob together, too.  Both were members of the Gold Wing Road Riders of America when Bob had a flat tire on the way to a Rally.  He had his membership directory handy, and happened to find Cookie at home.  She offered him refuge for the night and he apparently never left.  The two were married aboard their Gold Wings in Reno – sealing her fate of being “Cookie Crum.”

Whether it was during her time at the Motor Drome, as a Harley-Davidson Dealer, or as a member of various motorcycle clubs and groups, Cookie has spent years encouraging people – both men and women – to ride.  Cookie counts among her friends a huge number of notable women riders, and has met many of her lifelong friends through motorcycling.

Cookie is a charter life member of the A.M.A. and is or has been a member of numerous motorcycle clubs including the Motor Maids, Retreads and many others. 

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