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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2009


James Clark had a life-long passion for riding motorcycles, and began wrenching on his own and friends bikes in his parents garage early on.  He started out working for a Harley-Davidson dealership, then opened his own motorcycle repair shop in Fremont, California.


James was not happy with the gaskets he found available for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, so he began developing his own ideas for improved sealing technology.  In 1977, he started the James Motorcycle Parts Company and quickly gained a reputation for producing superior gaskets and seals.  He began supplying gaskets and complete rebuild kits for engine and transmission overhauls for a variety of Harley-Davidson models.  James is credited with providing the much-needed sealing solution for the big American V-Twin.

James Motorcycle Parts Company moved to a new location in Nevada in 1980, and in 1981 James Gaskets, Inc. was officially born.  James continued to add more gaskets and seals and to make improvements to the product line.  Besides making gaskets for Harley-Davidson, the company began to supply products for vintage Indian motors, too.

James was regarded in the industry as the “Godfather of gaskets.”  While many in the industry site James’ technical contributions and his foresight into the needs of the industry, he is perhaps most admired for his integrity and his intelligence.  James passed away on September 7, 2007.



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