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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2010


Nancy Davidson was raised in Wisconsin, where she had her first date with Willie G. Davidson – on a motorcycle – at the age of 16.  With her induction, a large – and often under-represented – segment of the motorcycling public gets a nod of recognition.  The non-riding motorcycling partner occupying the back seat on journeys short and long, under all types of conditions, gives support, encouragement, and most importantly, their trust, to the pilot of their mutually chosen pleasure craft on two wheels.  Nancy has spent 63 years as that partner.

While Nancy spends much of her time behind Willie G. – both literally and figuratively – she also works her own magic in encouraging women to ride their own and even more importantly to follow their dreams.  Nancy has been very supportive of women motorcyclists and their endeavors, be it riding, making a new motorcycle purchase, or even seeking a moto-journalism career.  Over the years, Nancy has shared a true passion for the sport with not only her husband, but also with riders and passengers worldwide.

Nancy Davidson has attended countless motorcycle events and served as an ambassador for both the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and for a variety of charitable causes.  Whenever Nancy’s not on a motorcycle, she spends her time doing as much charity work as possible. 

Nancy Davidson serves as a great role model, representing millions of non-riding motorcycling partners who make a difference in the riding experience of their riding partner.

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