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Hall of Fame Inductee - Pre 2001 (1997)

Dick "Slider" A. Gilmore has been riding since the mid 60's and has been involved with Basic Life Support Classes and training since the 70's.  Because of the lack of knowledge shown when he had his motorcycle accident, he recognized the need for emergency personnel to be trained specifically on motorcycle accidents.  He also realized the need for motorcyclists to be better informed on how to assist at the scene of an accident.

In 1986 he developed the first classes in the country that dealt with motorcycle accidents.  Two Wheel Trauma (TWT) provides basic and advanced Emergency Medical Training (EMT) credit to first responders and ambulance personnel. The class teaches the mechanics of a motorcycle accident and how best to provide emergency assistance. TWT has been taught in several states, including Sturgis prior to the Rally to help prepare EMT’s.  The program has been presented to over 5,000 EMS, fire, law enforcement and nursing personnel. During his class, Slider breaks down stereotypical barriers and provides a thoughtful forum for interaction. Local riders bring their motorcycles for the bike lab and explain the intricacies of their machines to the EMS workers, allowing for even more positive contact. 

The Accident Scene Management (ASC) class teaches motorcycle riders what to do in case of an accident, stressing the importance of the "Golden Hour"...the first hour after an accident which usually determines if the victim lives or dies.  Slider's presentations started in 1986, educating thousands of riders in almost every state. He has been a Critical Incident Stress Management Team member for NW Iowa, covering 17 counties, since 1993, counseling first responders and ambulance personnel to better understand and deal with their own emotional trauma after responding to an EMS call that was especially disturbing.  He has worked tirelessly to prevent motorcycle accidents and promote first aid education, blending the worlds of motorcycling with emergency medical services, breaking down stereotypical barriers through education.

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