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Hall of Fame Inductee – 2013


Marjoe was born to a minister and his wife and was one of the youngest known ordained preachers.  He first started riding motorcycles when he was 14.  Before he was immersed in the motorcycle community, Marjoe enjoyed a career in film making.  He appeared in a number of movie and television roles, and in a 1972 film, “Marjoe” which documented his life as an evangelist.  That movie won the Academy Award for best Documentary.

Marjoe was a close personal friend of Evel Knievel and co-starred as Evel’s best friend in the 1977 movie “Viva Knievel!”  He has made a number of his own celebrity motorcycle appearances including some daredevil jumps.  Marjoe also created several motorcycle specials for CBS “Wide World of Sports” and an ABC Movie of the Week.

In 2000, Marjoe organized a one-hour television special, “Sturgis: The Great Ride” with a number of his good friends, including Peter Fonda, John Paul DeJoria and Robbie Knievel.  Marjoe recorded the ride from Peter’s ranch in Montana through the group’s stay at the Buffalo Chip.  This show was instrumental in changing the public perception of motorcycle enthusiasts and in enhancing the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  It was broadcast on the Travel and was the most watched show on the network for more than two years.

Marjoe is a sportsman and noted sports event producer and fundraiser and has raised several million dollars to benefit multiple causes.  Among the distinguished friends and associates who have participated in these events are Robert Kennedy Jr., Alec Baldwin, Clint Eastwood, President Gerald Ford, Peter Fonda, Christopher Reeves, Kevin Costner and hundreds of others.

Marjoe has been honored for promoting medical breakthroughs, environmental preservation and humanitarian outreach.  He still takes time to quietly participate in various charitable motorcycle rides around the globe.

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