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Hall of Fame Inductee - Pre 2001 (1990)

As a young boy Pete became fascinated by motorcycles during a Christmas parade in his home town.  He loved those two wheeled machines that made noise and went fast!  When he became a teenager, the first thing on his mind was to buy a Harley-Davidson.  He found one and shortly after the priority became modifying the engine.   His best friend had a Triumph and Pete had to outrun him. Speed parts were not easy to come by, but someone in California was marketing a dual carburetor set up. It was outrageously priced so Pete made his own and the Triumph was history! 

After his son was born, he began drag racing a supercharged alcohol knucklehead. Pete and his wife raced this for a few years, and were fairly successful with it.  In 1976, after the birth of their daughter, they went to Indianapolis and saw a Top Fuel motorcycle go down the track and they were hooked!  They had opened a motorcycle shop by then and built a race bike. They finished 4th in points for IDBA that first year.  In 1979 they finished #3 for Drag bike, #2 in 1980 and #1 in 1981.  In 1979 IDBA awarded the Hills the First Family of Drag Racing award.   In 1988, Pete ran a 4 second eighth mile on a Harley-Davidson. Pete also won the #1 plate for AMRA that year and again in 1989.  In October of 1989 he went to Tennessee and set a world record for Harleys on this same strip - 4.75 seconds in 1/8th mile.  Who says nice guys finish last!

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