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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2014

Jesse Jurrens was born in Watertown, South Dakota. His family rode together – whether it be dirt bikes or snowmobiles – and his love of riding has continued throughout his life.


In high school, Jesse was rebuilding a FatBoy when he realized that no one made a true motorcycle air shock utilizing an air spring, so he created his own, and the first Legend Air Suspension system was born. Determined to make his invention work on a larger scale, Jesse overcame many hurdles from prototyping to product development to working countless tradeshows on his way to making Legend Suspension a successful business venture.  His first big break was when Hot Bike recognized him with its “Most innovative product of 1998”.


Besides suspensions, Jesse also had a passion for custom bike building.  His innovative style led him to create an extended drive train and stretched primary that changed the style of custom bikes in a whole new way. 


In 2000, Jurrens’ fledgling company moved from his parent’s basement to Rapid City. At that point, he also embarked on a new venture, “Legend Top 50 Custom Bike Show.”  The show grew and developed into the Top 50 Rally Park, an events and high quality vending location drawing in a younger crowd of motorcyclists. 


In 2008 when the US economy began failing, Jesse took drastic steps to position LEGEND to not only survive, but to thrive as the economy improved. He moved manufacturing to Sturgis where he is committed to “Lean Manufacturing” principals.  He also focuses on his employees and their success as individuals and as a team.  Legend Suspensions has exploded and now includes a full line of innovative Aero Air and Revo coil suspensions for motorcycles as well as a new line of UTV suspensions. The company now enjoys a great local, national and global reputation.


Jesse loves to laugh and joke, enjoying life’s oddities and struggles with humor. Jesse and his wife Tyna spend quality time outdoors and on motorcycles with their children.

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