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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2003

Jon Kosmoski began painting friend’s helmets and motorcycles in his mother’s basement after he finished high school. He later went on to open a small body shop and by the mid 60's had progressed to manufacturing his own line of Kustom Kandy Finishes. 

In the late 50's when Nitrocellulose Lacquer was discontinued, Kosmoski looked at the toners available in the "New" Acrylic Lacquer and realized that custom painters were in trouble. "Something had to be done and I set out to find a way to incorporate the clean bright colors into this new crack resistant acrylic lacquer," said Jon.  Some years later, Jon was making colors almost as brilliant as the nitro’s and later, with specialized additives, as good or better. 

In the early 1970's Kosmoski began experimenting with the new urethane. It was designed for 15 mils. thickness, while the average new car is 3.5 mils. No one had done this before. Kosmoski also used an extra ultra violet absorber to prevent fading, extending the life of a paint job. By the mid 90's with sales in the millions, Jon sold House of Kolor, Inc. to the Valspar Corporation. He is an active consultant with the new corporation, working on new products and sharing his years of experience in the paint field through his videos, books and seminars.

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