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Hall of Fame Inductee – 2005


People who know Michael describe both the person and the artist with one word, passion.  For over 20 years Michael Lichter has captured his passion for living, riding and being a biker in his photographs.  Michael began taking pictures in 1968 and began his love affair with motorcycles in 1976 when he took a ride on a friend’s Knucklehead chopper.  He bought his 1971 Shovelhead used in 1977 and is still riding it. In the late 70’s he managed to combine these two loves when he began taking pictures of bikers, submitting his first photos to Easyriders magazine in 1979.  He was often seen shooting photos while riding his trusty Shovelhead.

To date Michael has published over 800 magazine articles and has shot some 60 magazine covers. Michael has been photographing Sturgis, his favorite rally, since 1979.  His photos have chronicled the history of this great motorcycle Mecca over the past two decades.  Many of us have witnessed the changes in the biker lifestyle over the years through Michael’s talented photography.

Michael says it best, “After more than 20 years of participating and photographing the rally, I have seen it change just as I have seen myself change.  I was younger and wilder, just as the rally was.  We were both naïve and a little less worldly.  The town outgrew its geographical boundaries years ago, so that it in no longer a town; it is a phenomenon.  It is a feeling inside.  It is still a destination, but it has come to represent the journey.  It stands for all that motorcycling is, for all that motorcycling can be.”



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