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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2009


John Lehman’s passion for motorcycles began when he first started riding at the age of 13.  John overcame great odds when he was involved in a trucking accident that left him in critical condition with a badly broken back.  He was not expected to ever walk again, but he not only learned to walk again, he was back on a motorcycle as well.

In 1984, John wanted to ride with his family, but his wife, Linda was not comfortable riding a two-wheeled motorcycle with one of their children as a passenger.  John thought maybe a trike would be a good solution and asked Linda “If I build you one, will you drive it?”  Linda’s answer? “Build me something and we’ll go from there.”  John and some friends began work on “Number One” in his garage.  Once it was complete, Linda drove it and loved it.

John’s creation of a stable and safe three-wheeled vehicle had more to do with family togetherness than a desire to manufacture three-wheeled motorcycles.  But, John’s trike garnered a lot of attention wherever it went.  The benefits of stability and safety were obvious, but the enjoyment of riding was now available to those who could not ride or who felt uncomfortable riding a conventional two-wheeled vehicle. A new era of three wheel motorcycles was beginning, and John Lehman would go on to become one of the most recognized names in trikes.

John and Lehman Trikes started the “Good Turn” program to provide a trike to an individual who could not otherwise ride.  John and the company support a number of charities.  Through these programs, John’s passion has created new opportunities for many riders, to not only continue to “feel the wind on their face”, but also to inspire hope and kindness in their hearts. 

John Lehman died in 2012 at the age of 60.

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