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Hall of Fame Inductee – 2005


The legacy of “McClure” made global waves, making magic with billet aluminum and nitro methane.  And that magic made friends and fans by the thousands.

Jim’s enthusiasm for motorcycles changed when he took his street Sportster to the dirt drags, and saw asphalt Harley drag racing, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jim began his professional career in the mid 70’s, during the old iron head era.  His championship career began shortly there after when he took nitro Harley drag racing by storm.  He holds the unbroken record of 19 National and World Top-Fuel Harley-Davidson Championships, with speeds exceeding 216 mph in a quarter mile, winning over 21 events in a row.  But no matter how many championships he garnered, or how many record certificates he earned, McClure was always looking for a new challenge.  His diligence on and off the tack resulted in innovations that are still in use today.  The primary example, his Overkill design, the first truly reliable nitro V-Twin engine.

You have to give Jim a great deal of credit for choosing the right partner in life, his wife Phyllis.  They weren’t just husband and wife, they were best friends and teammates who lived together, raced together and loved each other.  He loved to race down the track and she loved to wave at the crowd as she ran down to tow him back.  On the return trip they both were all smiles.

Jim and Phyllis traveled the world promoting the sport that they loved, and all of their friends would agree that separately they were good, but together they were brilliant and unstoppable.

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