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Hall of Fame Inductee – 2005

J.C. “Pappy” Hoel Outstanding Achievement Award


Founded in 1940, chartered by the AMA in 1941, the Motor Maids are credited with being the first women’s motorcycle organization in the United States, possibly the world.  The founding premise of the Motor Maids was to unite women motorcyclist in promoting motorcycle interest, a principle they still live by today.

The first Motor Maids event was held in 1941 in Plainfield, New Jersey.  Due to the war they were unable to meet again until 1944 for their first formal convention in Columbus, Ohio.  The National Convention is still a tradition, bringing Motor Maids together each July in a different state or province, and it is mandated that they ride there. 

The idea of parading was established in 1941 when Howard Foley asked the Motor Maids to open the Charity Newsies Race in Columbus, Ohio.  Over the years the Motor Maids have been invited to parade at numerous races and events across the United States and Canada, including opening the races at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Since the beginning and throughout their existence, the Motor Maids have been held in high esteem.  Impeccably dressed in their traditional royal blue and grey uniforms, parading at a race or riding to an event, their standards are never compromised.  Their members include recognized names and some not so recognizable, yet their respect for one another has created a sisterhood that has lasted over six decades.

Their spirit of adventure and belief in themselves, and their abilities, paved the road that so many others now ride.  Each mile they rode made it easier for another woman to throw a leg over, each turn they took broke down a wall, each journey they set out on opened a door.

Formed by a visionary, guided by strength and compassion, and held together by friendship, camaraderie and their love of two wheels, this group of pioneers has built a legacy that all riders can admire.

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