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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2003

Sherman Packard was born and raised, married and raised his family in New Hampshire, His love of the state and his passion for motorcycling propelled him into politics, just as his father before him.  Sherm began riding in 1969.  Concerned with the rights of fellow riders he founded the New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization (NHMRO) in 1974, traveled to Washington, DC three times in 1975 to help repeal the national mandatory helmet law and worked as the Legislative Director during the amendment of New Hampshire’s helmet law in 1977. 

In his spare time, Sherman composed the current motorcycle education program passed by the NH Legislature in 1989, served as Chairman for the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and it’s Legislative Task Force, traveled to dozens of states to conduct seminars and help in their fight against anti-motorcycle legislation, and was one of the original steering committee members of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF). 

In 1990 when the federal helmet law reared its ugly head again in the form of sanctions attached to the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA), Packard found himself again making numerous trips to Washington, DC to help influence and educate legislators and to testify before both the House and Senate.  Sherm continued on as an active lobbyist and legislative director with NHMRO until 1990 when he was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives where he is currently serving his fourth term as Chairman on the NH House Transportation Committee.

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