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Hall of Fame Inductee 2006


John Reed is a pioneer in custom motorcycle building, design and product engineering. He's an innovator of the highest order and developed product lines for Custom Chrome Inc. for over 20 year. His life has been devoted to motorcycling.

In his late twenties he started building custom bikes and parts, opening his own customizing business called Uncle Bunts Chop Shop. He's won numerous shows with a Supercharged Triumph that he shipped from the UK, including Best Engineering at the ISCA shows in Los   Angeles and San   Diego.

He started building concept bikes for manufacturers such as the Virago show bike for Yamaha Europe, which won the Oakland Roadster Show.  In 1984 his creation Telesis won the Oakland Roadster Show and the ISCA Championships.

In 2005 Custom Chrome sold over 5900 parts that John Reed designed. Although he was hired by Custom Chrome and moved to California, he continued to build bikes out of his home shop. He is constantly innovating, designing and thinking of a new part or new way to manufacture or a new way to make a bike handle better. Recently he designed a complete bike kit for Custom Chrome named The V. It's a complete diversion from the tradition chopper or custom motorcycle, a bike designed to handle with the best sport bikes in the world, yet grasped tradition with a classic driveline.


John continues to think out of the box. His design line-up for 2005 alone includes:
Aurora taillights, ergonomic levers, Inferno product line, Marker lights, Mirage product line, Regency Products, twin cam rocker boxes, Tribal Iron products, custom triple trees, Y-pipes, V-Bike complete bike

"Reed is the type of guy all craftsmen aspire to be like. He creates things as a way of expressing himself. He can do it all, too. When he has a tool in his hands, time becomes irrelevant. The only thing that matters is transforming an inanimate piece of metal into part of a soon-to-be-alive creation."-Howard Kelly, editor Hot Bike Magazine.

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