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Charlie St. Clair

Hall of Fame Inductee – 2008

J.C. “Pappy” Hoel Outstanding Achievement Award


Charlie St. Clair has a long history in motorcycling, starting over 30 years ago.  It was 1976 the first time Charlie rode cross country to attend the Sturgis Rally.  He has made that same trip for over thirty years, missing only one year because of a broken leg.  Other than that, he has ridden his motorcycle from New Hampshire to South Dakota round trip over thirty two times including 2008.

Charlie began riding for the freedom and that passion was sustained for the same reason.  His enjoyment grew into a career.  Charlie is the Executive Director of Laconia Motorcycle Week in New Hampshire and has been for seventeen years.  During his tenure, he has not only helped to grow the Laconia Rally by the hundreds of thousands of visitors, but he has worked year round to fight discrimination against motorcyclists. 

Over the last seventeen years, Charlie has also helped build and sustain working relationships between the big 3 national rallies – Sturgis, Laconia and Daytona.  In doing so, he has ensured we are working to the same end - making sure our visitors have a safe and enjoyable trip and making sure we all do our part as responsible members of our communities. 


Charlie has truly made headway in the industry of motorcycling by paving a pathway between what is hobby for some and a lifestyle for others and making them all feel welcome.  He does it every day in New Hampshire and nationwide traveling with the International Motorcycle Shows – but it all started with Sturgis.

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