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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2004

Beginning in 1968 with relatively crude tools and the singular passion to build motorcycles, Perry was the local “go to” guy for the custom hungry Southern California bikers. Everything from sissy bars to wild one-off front ends came out of his Paramount, California shop, but his true passion was performance. 

For those that can remember back that far, the wheels and brakes of the bikes of yester-year left a lot to be desired and were rendered virtually useless once the motor was breathed on a bit.  This is the point in the custom bike timeline that Perry made his biggest mark. Experimenting with some of the available aftermarket disc brakes, he quickly realized that nothing out there would live up to his standards. The obvious solution would be to create it on his own. Within a few short years Performance Machine disc brake systems were the defacto standard for any well-sorted custom. The presence of his product on high-end bikes persists to this day.

Perry’s continual involvement in racing also contributed to the growth and development of the PM product line. With an unwavering enthusiasm for all things two wheeled and damn fast, Perry concentrated his efforts on drag racing, dirt track and even road racing. To this day, PM is heavily involved in the art of going fast and continues to sponsor many of the major players in the various racing disciplines.

Wheels were next on the needs-improvement list and Perry was again the innovator in both custom and race applications. Everything from cast magnesium wheels for Kenny Roberts to beautifully machined billet units for the local customs came out of PM. Perry was also one of the first to recognize the arrival of CNC mills and lathes as the turning point for the motorcycle aftermarket. A keen sense for machinery and an ability to push the envelope of manufacturing has kept PM on the cutting edge.

These days, Performance Machine operates out of a 90,000 square foot, high tech compound, wired for sound, video and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Always the innovator, Perry has also established the first ever in-house testing facility in the US wheel and brake aftermarket. The race and custom motorcycle arena has been forever bettered by the presence of Perry Sands and Performance Machine.

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