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Hall of Fame Inductee - 2010


Michael Tomas was born and raised on New Zealand’s North Island in the small town of Wellsford. He started his apprenticeship in automotive machining after completing his secondary education at Rodney College in Wellsford at the tender age of 16, when he bought his first motorcycle – it was a Honda CB100 – as his parents wouldn’t approve of a big bike.  He was 18 when he first saw a military Indian 741 – he soon bought one – it didn’t run – and fixed it up.  The following year, he bought a 1924 Chief.  In 1982, Mike traveled to Canada, bought another motorcycle (a Honda, again) and toured North America, eventually settling down in California and then marrying Carolyn in 1988.

In 1988, Mike’s passion for classic Indian Motorcycles drove him to start Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company in Riverside, California. His intent was to satisfy the need for high-quality American-made products for the classic Indian market. Kiwi Indian has grown from a parts business into manufacturing its own brand new retro-styled motorcycles, flathead engines, frames, forks and tanks many of which are replicas that were the first ever created, and all improved versions of the classic components. The company manufactures over 2,500 parts that are sold worldwide through distributors; to motorcycle owners and builders and even to race teams.  Kiwi also now manufactures and sells four complete motorcycle models that pay tribute to the classic Indian of years past.

Mike has received numerous awards both within and outside of the industry. He has shown his motorcycles in top-tier exhibits, built motorcycles for celebrities, and advised in competitions and even the filming of The World’s Fastest Indian. Mike and Kiwi Indian have been featured in numerous motorcycle industry publications.

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